Lotus Pellet Hops – 2oz

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Lotus is the latest experimental hop variety developed under the Hopsteiner breeding program to now be commercially available. Lotus outperformed thousands of brothers and sisters born of the initial cross breeding and survived a decade long journey to become the hottest addition to Hopsteiner’s unique portfolio of exciting new hop varieties. The majority of Lotus’s genetic origin stems from Eastern Gold, a Japanese variety dating back to the 1930s followed by a mix of Apollo, Cascade, and a USDA male. The USDA male was bred from an open pollinated seedling of a wild American hop developed at Wye College, England. The cross from the USDA male with Neomexicanus heritage adds an additional layer of complexity and uniqueness to this variety. Lotus offers exceptional aromatic characteristics, boasting waves of orange and vanilla followed by notes of candied grape and tropical fruit aromas. Master Pack Quantities: 1oz – 50 / 150 2oz – 25 / 100 8oz – 25 1lb – 15 5lb – 3 Lotus is a trademark owned by S. S. Steiner, Inc Format Pellet Origin American Flavor and Aroma Orange, Berry, Tropical Alpha Acids High Use Aroma/Flavor

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