Floating Dip Tube Filter Attachment


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How frustrating is it when hops cause blockage in your poppet, tap, ball valves and practically everywhere else? This really handy little filter can be used on with the Torpedo Keg Buoy or the floating dip tubes included with the Kegmenter and FermZilla Pressure Kit to prevent hops or other solids from getting sucked into the dip tube itself. The 304 stainless 80 mesh is fine enough to filter out hops and many other solids but not so fine that it gets blocked up easily. If you have a FermZilla or stainless Kegmenter this add is a must. Made from HDPE and 304 Grade stainless steel, this product can be boiled or sanitized in the full range of cleaners that we sell. The plastic HDPE is over molded onto the stainless mesh to make a seamless finish. The end cap can easily pop off for cleaning. Kegland Part Number: KL16957 Item # KEG657 Weight 0.01 LBS

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