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1.5 grams. Good for 66 gallons. Viniflora CH16 is a freeze-dried pure culture of Oenococcus oeni. This malolactic bacterium has been carefully selected to induce malolactic fermentation in red wine with high alcohol levels, after direct inoculation. Viniflora CH16 has been isolated from a 16% Petit shiraz wine in the Russian River area of California, USA. The bacterium’s natural environment gives a good picture of its application; CH16 has been carefully selected for its outstanding ability to conduct fast malolactic fermentation in high alcohol red wine (up to 16% v/v) with a pH value above 3.4. Characteristics Very high fermentation speed Low production of volatile acidity Outstanding tolerance to high alcohol levels. Excellent all round tolerance to pH, temperature and SO2 No production of biogenic amines Innoculation Viniflora CH16 should be added to dry wine, immediately after the alcoholic fermentation. Viniflora CH16 should always be inoculated directly into the wine. No rehydration or reactivation is required. Item # DYWM7 Weight 0.05 LBS

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