BrewZilla Gen4 – Low Volume CIP Spinning Spray Rotor


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  • Clean-in-place your BrewZilla by using the built-in low volume pump
  • Recirculate brewery wash and let the CIP Spray Rotor do the work!
  • Only requires a 6W pump to spin the rotating head and get full effectiveness
  • Easily adapted for use to clean fermenters and other vessels

Finally! A CIP spray head designed specifically for use with smaller homebrew pumps. There are a lot of stainless steel CIP Spray Balls readily available for homebrewers but they require a fairly beefy pump to spin the head and make it effective. The new Low Volume CIP Spray Rotor can provide full spray coverage with as little flow rate as 3 gallons per minute. This makes cleaning your BrewZilla an absolute breeze by simply recirculating cleaning chemicals and letting the CIP Rotor spray down the inside of your brewery. Also a great option for brewers using the MKII Magnetic Drive Pump as the spray head can easily be adapted to clean all sorts of fermenters.

What Can it Do?
Clean-in-place your 35L, 65L or 100L BrewZilla. Simply cut your recirculation hosing, or purchase additional silicone hosing to get the right length for your setup. You will be able to find the optimum length required by testing with water first. We found great success using the glass lid to start with to see if it is coating everything that you need it to.

Recommended for low voltage pumps as low as 6W up to 25W (roughly 3–5 GPM). If using a more powerful pump, you may need to throttle back the flow rate so you don’t overpower the spray rotor.


  • Custom molded rotating spray head with 1/2″ BSP thread
  • 11.8″ (300mm) length of silicone tubing suitable for your BrewZilla recirculation arm
  • Stainless nut and barb

Please note: The rotating spray head can only be used in the downwards position, it cannot be tilted or mounted sideways or upside down.

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