BevBright Pleated PES Filter – High Efficiency – 10″ – 0.45 Micron Absolute


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High quality, absolute rated .45 micron absolute filter with a hard caged body and gasketed ends. Thermally bonded end caps and ultrasonic welded media seams for a one piece construction. Absolute rated at 99.99% efficiency to remove bacteria for sterile filtering. Ideal for filtering white wine that has not completed a full malolactic fermentation. Filters meet FDA Title 21 regulations for beverage contact. Will work with our 10 inch cannister filter. What makes this filter really unique is the PES layer membrane with defined .45 micron hole size. This layer will not allow material to pass that is over .45 in size. This PES layer is also what makes this cartridge considerably more expensive than spun poly filters. Some cartridage filters are listed as being absolute but unless they have a PES layer they aren’t. Wine to be filtered should already be very clear as this filter will load up quickly with material. It is a common practice to prefilter already settled wine with a 1 micron spun poly filter and then filter with this .45 micron absolute filter. Please note: these filters are not intended to be reusable. Item # FIL75 Weight 0.38 LBS

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Weight 0.38 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 2.5 × 2.5 in


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