Cooler All Grain System w/ Thermometers – 10gal

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An easy to use, affordable all-grain system that ships free and is the only cooler system to include built in thermometers.Thermometers are tricky to install in coolers but they make them so much nicer to use. We include only the highest quality components in the industy.This is a completely pre-assembled set up that includes a mashtun and hot-liquor tank. All you need a is an 8 gallon (for 5 gallon batches) or 15 gallon (for 5-10 gallon batches) boil kettle! The coolers do an amazing job of retaining heat. You’ll notice barely any temperature loss throughout your 1hr+ mash and sparge. We use high quality components – Rubbermaid coolers which cost more than Igloo or imported versions from China, all stainless steel hardware and FDA approved silicone tubing that is heat resistant to 500 degree. Includes Best quality Rubbermaid insulated beverage cooler made of FDA approved food grade plastic Mashtun complete with false bottom Hot Liquor tank complete with adjustable Fermentap sparge arm Stainless Steel thermometers installed in both the mashtun and hot liquor tanks High temp, FDA approved Silicone tubing in the mash Stainless steel tubing connectors with 3/8″ barbs Dimensions Internal dimensions are 18.375″H x 12.875″D. External dimensions are 20.875″H x 15.875″D with lid on. How Much Grain Can I fit… Lots! At 1.1 quarts of water per 1 pound of grain you can fit about 30 lbs of grain. If you were to use a 1 to 1 ratio you could fit in 32 lbs and at a .9 to 1 ratio you can fit 34 lbs of grain. Item # B3-350 Weight 27 LBS

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