Homebrew. That’s a tasty word in so many ways. But do you know the where, how, and why of its origins? As a fan, supporter, and practitioner, I hold the term near to my heart… so much so, that I’ve turned it into a business!

Let’s start by tracing the Homebrew roots

Interestingly, homebrewed beer dates back to medieval times. It kind of makes sense, right? I mean… Russian River Brewing and Anderson Valley weren’t around back then!

Beer is born from a variety of ingredients, including hops, barley, oatmeal, and more. If you were to compare recipes, you might even be able to note similarities between beer and bread. So, it’s of no surprise that beer originally offered both enjoyment AND nutrition back in the middle ages.

So how did the art of homebrew get started?

While we can’t really pinpoint the official starting point, we can safely assume that ancient farmers discovered the concept of fermentation as they grew and tended their crops. If you consider that they were learning to make bread, and then layer in the fact that sanitation wasn’t what it is today, I’m sure there were some mean “starters” happening!

As is true with everything else of that time, stories were passed down from generation to generation. Folklore, songs, and even drawings shared the secrets and recipes that created the best homebrews to be found.

Homebrew - Dreams Come True

So where do the Monks come in?

Well, they picked up the art of brewing in the middle ages. In fact, they might have even been the ones to pave the way for today’s breweries. It is said that some of the best brews came out of monasteries, where they were created for private consumption, but then shared with those who visited them. The benefit here is that the monks had skilled scribes who could document and memorialize the process and recipes that led to incredible beer.

And that leads us to today…

While I’m no monk, I do enjoy the art of creating some of the best homebrews that can be found. For over a decade, I’ve been practicing this art, learning from masters, and sharing what I’ve learned with others. I’ve spent lots of time and money honing my skills and sharing the fruits of my joy-filled labor with my friends and family. To this day, I have friends that clamor for a special oatmeal stout that I made some years ago! Hmmm…. I might have to make some soon…

It is the passion for the art that led me to commit to opening a homebrew supply business in the Dallas Metro area. It’s my goal to create a community of friends and brewing colleagues, where we are all inspired to brew better. I hope to meet you at our grand opening and learn a little of your beer-making journey as well.

In the meantime, do our ancestors proud and brew well, my friends!