Homebrew Draft System with 5gal Converted Ball Lock Keg


Homebrew Draft Systems 5lb CO2 5gal Converted Ball Lock

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A complete setup for dispensing your homebrew like the pros. There are several advantages to a kegging system. The number one reason is that you no longer have to clean bottles. You will also enjoy drawing your own beer from your own keg. Your friends won’t mind either! This system is designed to include absolutely everything you need to dispense your homebrew on draft. Only the best equipment… dual gauge regulator, so you can tell the pressure in the keg, as well as what is left in the tank. Includes an Aluminum CO2 tank that will never rust. 5′ of 3/16″ ID beer line, so your beer drops to the correct pressure and does not excessively foam in the glass.

Included In Basic Homebrew Draft System:

• 5 gallon converted ball lock Cornelius keg with new gaskets
• Product line assembly with hand held style faucet
• New aluminum 5 lb CO2 tank
• Gas line assembly
• Dual gauge regulator with check valve.

The CO2 tank is empty.


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